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NaNoWriMo, im ready to climb out of this hole I've dug.

So I don't update often and that has been because of me moving and school work. Also with me not being able to write shit in the past months. So the brilliant idea came to mind, how about actually participate in nanowrimo this year. But then comes another problem I'm I gonna stick through this? I don't even know tbqh, so I might not enter my novel is what im thinking. Like I'll go through the process and so forth but won't actually submit the work. Then comes another problem...well feeling is it cheating...or not really participating? I don't know and personal I don't care, but all in all im gonna dig myself out of this slump I have put myself in and just maybe I can get back to writing my forgotten works.

So since I am a day late with the whole challenge I am just gonna go at my own pace, since you know I'm not submitting the work anyway though I do want to be finish the time NaNoWriMo finishes.

My Novel Ideas:

The story of Michelle Adams start off when she moves from the south to the north, and how she handles the fast pace of the city. The story will follow her through her teenage years; dealing with school work, people, her parents, and a certain boy who thinks he has her wrapped around his finger.

Oneshot turn novel. Minho and Onew have been best friends since primary school no one could separate the two. But when a sudden event affects one of them, they change and become mortal enemies.

I don't know which one I am gonna do but I'm planning to make my decision by tonight! So for now I'm off.

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