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Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring
onew / changmin | G | 302wc

Extremely late Christmas fic. Unless you count the laziness of me, since I had this finished weeks ago just didn't feel like posting it i guess but now here it is. This is dedicated to trinkdufreak, because this will be the first fanfic she has ever read by me (I hope). keke~ Enjoy please.

The two men shifted awkwardly in the snow, equally tugging their coats together to keep in the warmth. It was Christmas day and Changmin had told Jinki he had something to tell the latter. He said it was extremely important and he had to be outside by 1:30pm no buts.

So here Jinki was, out in the freezing cold at one something in the afternoon waiting patiently on whatever his boyfriend had to tell him that could’ve been told to him inside a warm building. Jinki stood there a bit impatient now, he was sure that they’d both get sick if they stay out here any longer. He started to tap his foot into the soft snow crossing his arms and looking at Changmin with an irritated face.

Noticing the irritated face of Jinki – which wasn’t shown very often – he cleared his voice and started speaking. “So…the reason why I asked you to come out here is so I could give you this” Changmin dug threw his pockets until his fingers grazed the top of the small box concealed in his coat pocket, pulling it out – kneeling while doing so – and holding it out in front of him.

Jinki looked his boyfriend up and down before second glancing at the small black box in his hands. His eyes growing big, cheeks flushing red, and a small smile playing on his lips; it can’t be he kept telling himself. He watched as Changmin flipped open the box to revel a silver wedding ring.

“Lee Ji–” Changmin was tackled to the ground before he could get much out of his mouth and heard about a ton of “Yes, Yes, Oh God Yes” repeated into his ear while receiving a million soft kisses to his neck and cheeks.

“Merry Christmas, Jinki”

I haven't posted or updated any fics here in months. I don't seem to have time much any more, since I had projects over Christmas and new year break, I think I have at least one exam to take this week and I just feel lazy. But I do still write just not the stories I have up on here. I'm in the mids of planning one, working on a couple of one shots (maybe my first NC-17 fic)and many personal short stories. So I haven't given up on writing I'm just lazy as hell.(:
Anyway, comments are loved, and enjoy your read. (And I don't really like how I ended the fic...)
Tags: f: dbsk, f: shinee, p: onew / changmin, r: g
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