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Fic Master list

under 1000wc

Please Don't Go -- SHINee, jonghyun / jinki; [199] | G
► wherein jonghyun is leaving. deleted
Coffee Kisses -- SHINee, jonghyun / jinki; [408] | PG-13
► wherein all Jonghyun needed was Onew's coffee kisses deleted
Locked -- SHINee, jinki-centric; [263] | PG-13
► wherein Jinki he could bring himself to forgive was Jonghyun. deleted
First Time -- SHINee, taemin / key; [279] | G
wherein key was having his first time
End Of the Year Project -- SHINee, jonghyun / taemin; [742] | G
► wherein jonghyun and taemin had to write about each other. deleted
Passing Notes -- crossover, none; [409] | G
► wherein they pass notes... deleted
Wedding Ring -- SHINee/DSBK, jinki / changmin; [302] | G
wherein changmin had something to ask the latter.
Curiosity -- UKISS, hoon/soohyun; [703] | NC17
wherein hoon is just too innocence and curious

over 1000wc

Untitled -- SHINee, onew / minho; [??] | NC-17
► wherein key is a dealer, minho and onew were once best friends.


Getting the Rugrats Back Together -- crossover, undecided; | PG-13
► | 00 | discontinued
Ligne De Vie -- SHINee, minho / key; | PG-13
► | 1 | 2 |

other master lists&&such

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